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2004-08-21 @ 6:12 p.m.
Virgo Begins

goddess for today==Aug 21st

Date: Saturday, August 21, 2004

Time: All Day

Today's Goddess: Astraea

Virgo Begins (Various Locations)

Themes: Excellence; Learning; Purity; Justice; Knowledge; Reason; Innocence

Symbols: Stars

About Astraea: This Greek Goddess motivates fairness and virtue within us. She empowers our ability to "fight the good fight" in both word and deed, especially when we feel inadequate to the task. According to lore, she left earth during the Golden Age because of man's inhumanity to man. She became the

constellation Virgo.

To Do Today: In astrology, people born under this sign, like Astraea, strive

endlessly for perfection within and without, sometimes naively overlooking the big picture because of their focus on detail. Astraea reestablishes that necessary perspective by showing us how to think more globally. To encourage this ability, draw a star on a piece of paper and put it in your shoe so that your quest for

excellence is always balanced with moderation and sound pacing.

To meditate on this Goddess's virtues and begin releasing them within, try using a bowl (or bath) full of soapsuds sprinkled with glitter (this

looks like floating stars) as a focus. Light a candle nearby and watch the small points of light as they dance;

each one represents a bit of magical energy and an aspect of Astraea. Tell the Goddess your needs and your dreams, then float in her starry waters until you feel renewed and cleansed.

By Patricia Telesco ~ From "365 Goddess"

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