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2004-09-17 @ 9:58 a.m.
this weekends moons

Here is some helpful info for the weekend. Looks like I am either going to fight with my Scorpio boyfriend of get him into the bedroom as quickly as possible. I'm a Scorpio too. What a combination. Friday - Moon is in Void of Course until 4:24am CDT when it transitionsinto Scorpio for the remainder of the day.

Saturday - Moon is in Scorpio all day.

Sunday - Moon goes Void of Course at 12:06am CDT and lasts until 8:29am

CDT when the Moon transitions into Sagittarius for the rest of the day.

Neptune & Uranus are in Retrograde.

Moon in Scorpio

When the moon is in Scorpio, there is a need for intensity in all areas of life. People tend to be more passionate in emotional expression,summoning renewed fervor in their opinions and belief systems. Because of this, there may be a heightened sensitivity to personal offenses and insults. A craving for intensity of feelings or depth of experience expresses itself in activities ranging from sexual behavior to acts of religious fervor. There is a need to 'get to the bottom line' or to get to the heart of the matter, which demands that all dealings, interactions and negotiations rely on substance rather than on superficiality. There may be an attraction to rich foods, so dieters should select dishes rich in flavor but not rich in fat or calories. The secrecy of Scorpio may inspire schemes of a subversive nature. Enhanced determination makes possible the completion of difficult projects. A good time for dealing with core issues such as sexuality and finances.


Let's hope you have built up some strength during the Virgo and Libra moons when the Scorpio moon comes a-knocking. It is a very introverted time when you feel bothered by office mates wanting to be social, the mother that calls too often, the needy mate or the cloying friend - when you would NORMALLY have no problem with any of these situations. It tends to be the most powerful of the water sign moons.

Frustration runs high during this moon. You can combat it by taking ONE step at a time in dealing with anything, and truly biting your tongue before you say something harsh to anyone. Again, remember that ALL are affected by the moon so not only you are feeling these things - so by biting your tongue, you could very well avoid an unnecessary fight.

Emotions dominate everything during this time. So breathe deep, take walks, read your book and if need be, turn inward until you feel you can handle those about you without losing your temper. Nothing feels worse than losing it, when you know there is no real reason for it. *I* for one just end up feeling like an out-of-control loser when I do that.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Use soothing colors and scents in your daily activities. All shades of blues work well. Also, the use of a more yellowy-green works well, as this color is soothing to raging tempers on various levels. Use lavender and vanilla scents during this time to ease the hidden child within. Scents of loved foods always do as well. Use spells for relaxation and work on your Book of Shadows. Make dream pillows during this moon. The mixing of herbs can be very relaxing as can be the sewing of the pillows themselves and embellishing them.

Moon in Sagittarius

When the moon is in Sagittarius, people become more freedom-loving, frank and restless. In general there is a need to expand one's horizons, and this may be expressed through travel, trips to the great outdoors, or by delving into new subject matter along educational lines. While the expansive qualities of Sagittarius will make people warm, friendly and spontaneous, enthusiasm can sometimes be short-lived. People may be high-strung, their nervous energies needing release in some form of physical activity such as sports, gymnastics or dance. For more sedate types, this excess energy expresses itself as a need to meet a challenge, to debate politics, religion or social issues, or to start a new project. People will generally be frank and honest, but the unvarnished truth may be expressed without regard for others' feelings. A good time for making travel plans, educational pursuits, camping, hiking, political/social activism, religious activities, sporting events or reading.


This is the most intense of all fire signs. Everything this moon sign is associated with is powerful and zealous - whether it be how you clean your bathroom to how you paint something or write. This also includes discussions, plans and altruistic ideas. Social injustices seem huge at this time. You will want to change the world and seem to be more sensitive to all that is out there. This is a wonderful aspect of this moon, and I am glad that every month I have the times when I feel this way for it keeps me connected to the bigger things in life. However, I am just as glad that I do not feel this way all the time for I would just be raw.

Harness the frenzy of this moon. So much gets done during this time. Reading, getting caught up on past things that you need to do, new ideas and plans...it all comes into play. Sadly enough, by the time we are all ready to get done all the things we have laid out, we move into Capricorn. Try to learn to work on ONE project during this moon to really use the energy.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: I suggest doing spells during this time, for all the energies you feel now will lend massive strength to your purpose. I find no colors more soothing or useful than others, except for their basic intrinsic associations with various workings. Use what colors you need to use, and whatever scents help you.

This inso compliments of www.srgoddess.com. Check out her site. She has some great things for sale. I love her pendulums and wish I could buy a few of them.

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