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2005-04-26 @ 1:07 a.m.
new responcibilites-did I spell that one right?

It's been so long since I was last here for an update. Lets see.....My son came home along with his girlfriend and their two female cats. Not fixed of course. Quickly pregnant of course at one time we had 16 cats here. You really had to watch where you were walking. Landlady found out of course. Then his girlfriend moved home and my sister who wasnt doing well at all moved in with me. (by way of KAR house a short term treatment center) She came by for one night. Crying and such and I southed her and got every thing all right I thought. Then the next day I caught her sneaking a wraping of straight razers into the sleeve of her coat. So I hunted down my daughter (Tracy in tow) and we went directly to the ER. I wasn't going sit on the all week end. Had to pull her from the car. She spent some time inthe hospital and then KAR house and then came home to me. We went to court and I became her guardien. I sure wish some money came with that. Her daughter moved in too. She's 24 and should be working. I think she is used to the days when MOM was married and able to do what ever April wanted her to. I told her she had to find out or just move out with out that suggurity by the ent of the month. So today she finally sent out employment forms. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tracy is really a gorgous woman. Short like me but Blond, Nice size chest small waist and thighs. Their was alway friendly banter between us growning up. Now shes supposed to be my 'daughter' snort, laugh, gasp' after all the shit we got into growning up. No don't go their I'm not going to play. HA! Well we'll see how it all turns out. A good dream or a bad dream. twitter, twitter, twitter.

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