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2003-09-22 @ 8:28 a.m.

Here is a list of most of the people I talk about.

Travis-my son. He is 22, has spina bifida and is in a wheel chair. He just moved to Seattle to go to college. I really miss him. (sigh)

Stephanie-my daughter. She is 14 going on 22. She just started dating and is also starting her first year of Highschool. I look forward to some stormy times.

Dale-my boyfriend for the last 6 years. Boyfriend sounds a little strange when your as old as I am. Hmmm. He had my heart at the first meeting. A blind date set up by a mutual friend. He brought M&M's, icecream, and a guitar. Long hair and looked just like the guys my dad always warned me against.

Tracy-my sister. She is two years younger than I am. I always feel like mom/best friend. We did try to kill each other on a regular basis when we were younger though. She is recently divorced.

Keith, her boyfriend. A very nice boy. Together they own and operate a fishing boat. New experiance for her but he's been fishing quite a bit before. I just hope he keeps my headstrong lil sis in line and not overboard.

Marci-my best friend. I've known her for about, well over 20 years now. My, time flys. LOL When I moved back to Alaska in 1995 she came up for a visit. Went home, packed her stuff and moved here. Found love and married. They are building a giant beautiful house at the moment. If you can build a house with your lifepartner and not kill them and hide the body, then you should be set.

My dad, well, he makes the pages once in awhile. I think he is fairly harmless and even funny sometimes. I do wish he would find his hearing aids. Oh My!

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