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2003-07-14 @ 9:55 a.m.
Soggy summer and the poem "Black Dog"

Sorry for the gap in updates. This time I wasn't sick but something much better. Enjoying some sunshine. Way too much rain. Rainforest!! Still, we did miss the camping. Dale fiddled with the smoker until it consented to work, all the ingredients are there, and now all we need are enough salmon. I do love smoked salmon. Now if I just stay well enough to enjoy our soggy summer. Dale always is pretty good about it and wraps me up in blankets when we are out. I used to be able to run wild through life and find the slower pace a little confining at times.

My "Black Dog" stands watch
over my sleep
from the foot of my bed.

Always there, turning out the light
I still see his shape, the gleam
of an eye, as he paces there

He grins at me, my Black Dog,
see the light glinting off a fang
his lips pulled back in a promise,
Just to make his presance felt.

A comforting sort of promise of chaos yet to come
How odd a pet that never comes when called
Yet is ever there, waiting for me,
my constant companion.

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