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2003-09-28 @ 11:36 a.m.
My Sis The Sea Monkey

Well yesterday was a hectic day. It started out pretty lazy. A day with my boyfriend, doing what ever and fishing later in the afternoon. When my sisters boyfriend called. They have a Power Trowler, the "SandraL" and were fishing off of Valner. Tracy had been pulling in line (lead line, very heavy) when the hydrolics kicked in, jerking the line in her hand and cutting her finger. "Would I take her to the ER,(eek) they would be at the Koffman Cove Dock where Dale lives in one hour?" Of course. She's my baby sister.

At the ER we found that the rather small looking cut on her little finger, right hand, had reached the bone and damaged the tendon. She got some antibiotics for any thing she might have picked up,like salmon poisoning, and they stitched her up. She has to be back in a week to have the surgeon look at it and probably reopen it for surgery on the tendon. I have nail marks in my hand where she dug in holding on while they deadened the finger and stitched it up. She was upset, the salmon run ends in two days and she is going to miss it. They need the money. They only had about 100 salmon in the hold to turn in this time.

I think that Keith, her boyfriend, is going to go halibut fishing with a friend and then fish for rock fish. That will take most of the winter. She doesn't have to be on the boat for that. She does have to be on the boat for salmon. The boat is in her name as is the fishing license. Man those things are expensive. People keep them in the family for years.

This is her first time as a fisherman as a bussiness. She has had some interesting adventures already. Some were pretty funny. They tied up to a fishtender. (buys fish way out from any town so the boats don't have to go all the way back in) Any way they tied up to sell fish, take showers and buy some groceries. Tracy is thinking "SHOWER!!!" and goes to the shower room happy as a little clam. Afterwards she finds that the door out is locked. No matter how she pounds and yells no one hears her. Oh,my! she is alittle touch uncomfortable with being locked into places. She starts to get frantic. Tracy looks up and sees a porthole she can just reach. So she decieds she will go out that way. Now you have to envision a 5'3" 98lb woman with a bunch of heavy clothes on and high rubber boots, trying to eel her way through a porthole. She gets herself up there, gets her shoulders through and gets stuck. Oh, shit!! she says My Boobs are stuck. So its shift and shift and one and then two and then she looses her grip and falls on her head on the opposite side. Bounces to her feet looking both ways to see if anyone saw. "I meant to do that" look on her face. Luckly no one was there and her dignity survived another day. I would love to have been standing there and taking picktures. But then I'm an evil one.

It's hard to belive that two years ago she was married to the Mayor here and was giving very chic parties. It's a very big change and not just her wardrobe. Her kids are really upset. No more free hand outs. LOL I haven't heard a word from them that says they are worried about her when the seas get to 20ft waves so I don't feel too bad for them. They are all grown and should let her make her own choices. Besides cutting her hand which didn't make her happy she looks better than she has in years. Socialite to Sea Monkey is how she puts it. I hope she takes some good pictures. I told her to start keeping a diary/journal of everything and we would see about getting it written up. Some of her life is pretty interesting now.

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