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2003-10-02 @ 11:30 p.m.
Trying Altered books and a new poem

Lately I have been trying out a new artform. Altered Books. Take a book and make it into a different book, using images,stamps,fiber, papers and parts of the old book. Actually about anything goes. I am so bored sometimes sitting at home. I wish I was still able to work. I really do. All the education I worked so hard for....down the drain. I was also makeing altered playing cards and sending them to friends in a group just for that. Also Artistamps. Those are both fun and let me be creative. Unfortunatly I have been a little more sick the last few months and haven't participated in the groups. I am better now and will start up again. I always know it's time when the ideas start coming in. I missed tourist season with my jewelry but I have all winter to get caught up for next season. At least I'll be happily snowed-in, instead of grumply snowed-in. The only remaining problem is getting used to less money since my son moved out. Steph and I are on the Alaska State Housing list for low cost houseing but that could take up to a year. Right now my landlady has been really great and let me pay less money a month. She says she would like to get her house OK'd with the state anyway and would like me to go ahead and stay. I don't know how long that will last. She needs her money too. Right now the furnace isn't working so it's been pretty cold in here. I haven't said anything to her because I feel guilty about not being able to pay the full rent. Hopefully, Dale will be able to find the problem before it gets really cold. Maybe I can find some wood to buy and just heat the house in the evening when Steph is home. The only problem with being cold is that I am more liable to be sick again. My muscles just can't stand the tension. Well enough crying. Here is a poem from the book I am altering. It is a poem I have taken apart, left some things out and rearranged others. The book is " The World,The Flesh, And Angels" by Mary B. Campbell. The original poem is 'The Goldberg Variations'(I have to look at the Nasa center photographs to see if I can find one of those really colorful nebulas to use as a background for this one. It should be good. Have to wait and see how it turns out.)

The Harpsichord is a
Series of sentances
About heat and death
It runs through me
On vibrating strings

I close my eyes. The Vernal Equinox
Is upon us
The heart desappears, and then the nerves
There is nothing left of me but music

The fourteenth variation
Strikes me and swings in
Moist darkness. I dream
The notes proliferate
A Meticulous waterfall
A silver city, engineered to
last gossamer centuries

Climbing its transparent girders
I am lost among towers
intricate as lace. In a maze
of air. In the brain of an angel

I come trailing clouds of glory
from a far distant heaven,
Which is My equation
Enclosed in arias of soring song
On wings, I come!

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