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2003-11-14 @ 1:26 a.m.
Windish rambling, teens and a small Spell for restful sleep

Gale force winds last few nights. It was a good time to light the candles just in case and lent warmth to the housse as we listened to the wind trying to get in. A few boats got into trouble but no deaths. It is the season of wind and rain here. Real WIND. The internet was even out for a couple of days and yesterday the television was out. Don't you just love a good wind?!Dale wants to go back to work for the shipyard. Which I said a bid "NO" too. I just remember him coming home frozen. And all those safty lines they have to hook up to to work. The work outside all year round wind, rain or snow. He's never gone over the side but close and thats enough.

Stephanie and I had one of those teenage fights. She tried to tell me something, I didn't understand and when I asked for more information she did that "never mind MOM, you just can't understand and left." Goddess but I hate that. Enough to make me cry. My poor mother, I put her through alot but she was still a good friend and I talked to her. Somehow I am losing the ability to talk to Steph. She just won't sit still long enough for me to ask whats wrong. Or carry on a conversation about school and her friends. It's like she thinks I should know already. Very frustrating. Well, last time this happened I resorted to the cards and got a pretty good idea. Which turned out to be right. So maybe it's time to do it again.

I found this spell for rest during the long dark hours of the winter. You might like it.

Season of Rest Spell

As the year winds down, we come into a season of rest and regeneration. The leaves are falling; the dark hours are growing longer, and the light is waning. Earth sleeps now beneath our feet. It is at this time that the Hunter comes. Orion, rising in the eastern sky, strides out of the twilight to stand guard over the slumbering world. You may greet him with words like these: "See the Hunter in the sky, Silent watcher drawing nigh. Long the vigil he must keep As he guards us in our sleep. Hunter, hear the thanks we sing, Till we part again in spring."... This charm also works for instilling courage any time of night during the dark part of the year.

by Elizabeth Barrette

Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day 11/11/03

Also the Goddess for the 14th is:

CORRA (Scottish)

Goddess of Prophecy; transcendent knowledge; transitions.

Rituals: Divination. Sacred to Corra: Rune sticks, runes stones, pendulums, crystal balls, tarot cards

See I knew the tarot was a good idea

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