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2004-01-30 @ 4:38 p.m.
Snow Days

It was freezing her and we lost our water again. Well, not lost really. I know where it was and it did look pretty. All shiny and frozen into odd shapes like that. But that also means it's not coming up the pipe to the heatted area and into my house. I really hate that part.

I was very happy yesterday when it got warm enough to actually snow. Dale worked on the hose and got everything unfrozen. So I had a wirlwind time of washing clothes, dishes, the kitchen floor, pets, and kids, and then myself. Yeah!! I know everyone around me was happy about that. Of course today I am in a bit of a fibromyalgia flare from getting so much done. But MAN, it had to be done. Living on the frontier and all that.

Of course the snow did NOT stop and school let out early. One of the busses almost ended on its side getting the kids to school so they decieded to stuff them back in the busses and send them home. Steph called from school and made plans to go four-wheeling. Her boyfriend's mother has a fourwheel drive pickup. So she had a fun afternoon.

Today it is still snowing. Looks beautiful out over the beach. No school today. Lucky kids. They should have a good time. All those snowmobiles coming out of the garage. LOL Sigh. I wish I could go play in the snow but with all the work I did I had better stay indoors and warm even if I get bored. I'll just try not to snap at the kids. Jealosy!!

10 more inches. Then probebly some rain by monday. Then of course it will freeze and start all over again. But I have running water two days in a row. I feel much better when that happens. LOL. I hope your winter is going well too.

I have to look up some driving charms for my sons car. He is in Seattle and requested I send him a "knot" spell he could hang in his car for luck. I'll write it here when it is done. Just in case anyone is interested in that type of charm.

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