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2004-04-04 @ 2:44 p.m.
Live in Interesting Times

HI All,

Been awhile again. I keep getting sidetracked by life. Got to quit that before it gets to be a real nasty habit. My sister left town to go fish for winter king salmon up in Sitka and her daughter who is 7 months pregnant has a lot of doctors appointments etc. she has to go to. Not to mention errands to be driven too and groceries to be hauled up to her appartment. She takes her driving test next W. I really, really, hope she passes it with flying colors. My dissabillity gets to acting up and then I have to tell her "halt" I need two days off. Of course I just lay in bed most of that time and take pills and moan. Pittiful really. (sigh, giggle)

Tuesday Stephanie,my daughter, tripped up her stairs. Done in by her black dog and my black cat. She had to wait all day with a broken toe and sprained foot since I was in town doing errands for Ashley. She said she only screamed for about 20 min and then moaned for 20 more then called her boyfriend to come over for TLC untill I got back at 6pm. Then we headed out to the ER. The place wasn't too busy for once and she was seen pretty swiftly. The doc did have a peice of advice about vampires, suggesting a garlic necklace to help keep them off her neck. Her boyfriend did distract her by nibbling on her neck. Guess it worked. Now if I can just get her to wear this garlic I bought when I picked up her perscription.

It was my own fault for saying out loud that I was a little bored with life. Never ever do that you know. This last weekend I sat in the ferry terminal for two hours waiting for my dad to get in from Hollis (another island). The winds were so bad that the ferry was three hours late. They told me one, so at least I wasn't sitting for all three of those hours. He was just in for the night. I took him to the airport the next day for a flight to Seattle. He had his first exploritory surgery on monday and another yesterday. I haven't heard from him yet so I will probebly call him tonight to check. He may have stomach cancer or just a really bad bleeding ulcer. As bad as that can be I hope it's the bleeding ulcer. I wish I could have gone with him. He is such a tough old guy. One of those kind that can get through anything and will until it finally kills them and you would never know there was a problem. He is brilliant, charming, witty, artistic, maddning, sadistic, grumpy, problem drinking bi-polar man who used to beat my mother until she finally said she would shoot him dead if he hit her one more time. He believed did I. At times I wanted to try and do anything for him I loved him so much and at others I led my sister quietly out of the house and hid her and myself in the garden and wished with all my heart that we were anywhere else. At some point when we were teenagers mom had her stand with dad and things changed. Mom was a pretty good shot. I miss her still. She has been gone now for eight years and Dad well he is an old man now and really not the man he was when we were younger. I don't think he remembers the past the way my sister and I do. It has all been rewritten somewhere inside his head. Now he is a lonely old man who never really found his dreams and loves his daughters and misses his wife. I can be the daughter he thinks I am. He doesn't have that many years left. And it costs me nothing.

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