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2003-01-25 @ 4:53 p.m.
Dreaming of Snakes:The poem-I Woke Up Heavy

Dreams of Snakes: Today I was overcome with exhaustion,Fibrofog, mindclosed-all thoughts are grounded! What a waisted day. And on a weekend. Well, too much of a good thing the day before can end up getting even in its own way. *G* So I spent a good portion of the day sleeping. I even tried sleeping on the couch in the middle of all the household confusion. Just so everyone would know I was still around. And I dreamed. I dreamed of giving Henna tatoos to albino snakes (Pythons) very, very big snakes. I would work on one while the others waited slithering over and under one another. Even stranger was that they all had Cat shaped faces.

Now, what do snakes mean. Well, snakes have always been associated with prophecy and wisdom, along with healing in some cultures. Some very early religions have snake goddesses associated with them. There is a snake that encircles the earth holding it's tail in its mouth and if it ever lets go, well thats the end of us. So there is that to ponder.

About the cat faces. Many Goddesses had cat Avatars, cats as their animals.Bast and Sekhmet of the Egyption pantheon are the best known.

Bast was the Egyptian Goddess of pleasure, music, dancing and joy.Her holy city, Bubastis, possessed Egypt's greatest temple. Bast symbolized the moon in its function of making a woman fruitful, with swelling womb. Sacrifices were given to Bast for any of these purposes. Cats were treated rather well in Egypt. Now, Sekhmet,usually portrayed as a woman with the head of a lioness was origionally very aggressive and would have wiped out mankind had she not been tricked with beer stained red to look like blood. She was appeased. She then became a Healer, Mother and Protector and was called the Eye of Ra'.

Black Cats Black cats are considered very unlucky in the European and European-American traditions. Among Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavian people, it is said that one sets out on a journey and a black cat crosses the road ahead, one's only safe course of action is to turn back and return home.(my mother, from Mississippi, did believe this one or maybe she was just makeing sure the tales of black cats weren't true. Just in case). Tales of shape-shifting black cats and black cats who are in communication with the Devil are also a feature of European folk-belief. Concommitant with these negative feelings about black cats is the notion that they are particularly favoured as witches' familiars -- hence their almost universal use on Hallowe'en decorations.

In bright contrast to this image of the "evil" black cat, there is a "good" black cat -- the antinomian lucky black cat of the African-American sporting and gambling world. This black cat does double-duty as a representative of the black arts (including the granting of invisibility and the return of lost love) and as a bringer of money luck. Burn a black candle in the shape of a cat and you will have good luck in gambling.

All this of course gets me nowhere in interpreting my dream. I will have to sleep on it and probably if it bothers me. Read the cards to see whats coming up.

Bad Poem of the Day:I Woke Up Heavy

As I lay in my bed

Watching the sky

Branches of green wave

Against my window

Wings beating

They pause in a stroke

That lifts my Roots

Dropping me, unable

Unwilling, to bear

My Weight

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