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2003-01-26 @ 1:10 p.m.
Insta Witch::Escapology by R.Robertson

My sister was over for a visit with her daughter Ashley. Seventeen, voice like an angel when she sings. Too bad she has panic attacks when she tries to do it in a crowd. They wanted some "Love Spells". Like I am going to twitch my nose or something, and "poof" you get who you want. OF course there is that old be careful of what you wish for adage to work with. (you might get stuck with what you didn't really want) Anyway I think thats lazy. If she had been studing any of the books she had asked for she would have know what to search for on her own. If nothing else the searching on the internet should at least brush her/them with some aspects of respect. "Poof" *INSTA*WITCH* just add water and stir. Goddess help me. Out of my hands. I just don't want her hurting herself, or anyone else. Don't kid your self, you never stop learning. You can scrape by on luck for a while but it WILL catch up to you soon or late.

A Poem by Robin Roberton called "Escapology"

A shollow cut lets the bood bead:
and you could charm red bracelets,
coax necklaces from nowhere.
You stashed blades like scarves
pulled them out with a flourish
in a fan of silver.
Soon it was ribbons from the wrist
and sawing yourself in two; always
trying to disappear.
Then the finale, sedatives, restraints
the escape-proof box. And you
lying there. A locked knife.

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