Today I Feel a little stiff

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2003-01-31 @ 6:25 p.m.
Clams at Minus tide::The Skirt of Your Bones

Its a clam night out tonight. Dale is meeting a friend to dig clams. Way too cold for me. But I hope to be eating some later.....It's a minus tide out tonight. If it was morning I would be out at the other end of town digging very carefully for antique glass and treasures with my little rake. Each to his or her own. Of course you can eat Dale's. With butter! Stephanie was supposed to go with him. She is my little 13 year old (going on 23-she thinks) but the lure of a new boyfriend. Was too much for her. Well, and it's also very, very cold outside. She is such a delicate flower until she wants to go fencing. Put a foil in her hand and shes out for blood. *G* As long as she is still willing to beat her boyfriends I won't be too worried. It's when she starts losing on purpose that it is really time to worry.

Oh yes, some research on snakes. I don't know why I didn't remember. Most of the Goddess religions have had snakes associated with them. Just if you were still wondering.

I am so stiff from shots this morning. I will feel much better tomorrow. (crossed fingers) I always love it when they ask "What did you do to bring on this attack" what attack! I just got too many muscel knots to deal with and finally had to do something about it. I always want to grin and say something flippant, which wouldn't do me any good at all. "Try, life"
Bad Poem: The Skirt of Your Bones
I want to break myself
Against your bones
Wrap myself around your
Warmth, like a starving butterfly
Doomed to burn away In an Incandesant minuet
I want to break
My body around yours
Alien territory to surround
A shore so distant
I have no hope
but to cling
To the Rocks
That make up
The Skirt of your

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