Today I feel lazy, like a cat.

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2003-03-09 @ 10:57 a.m.
Darkness Descending

The new moon is 6 days old and waxing ever so slowly at first it will seem to grow faster and faster soon.

The Demon Prince from "Blue Moon Rising" By Simon R. Green

...he watched a tall spindly figure slowly form itself out of the darkness at the edge of the clearing. It gradually took on depth and weight and reality. Like a nightmare creating itself in flesh and bone........

Ever had a dream like that. I can see it when I close my eyes.

Darkness Descends:

Darkness descends, a favered
friend. Welcomed with
eager footsteps and quick sly grins.

Shadowed forms flit from here
to there. Blink an eye and miss the

Dreams, dreams, come in the dark.
for fair or foul. Shifting in, Shifting
Out of worlds and forms. Lives

Chosose, and run. Feel the unknown
wind. Carressing your body, one
never tried before.
Step behind a different pair of

Darkness, darkness descending, a welcome
friend that opens up my heart
looking within. Fair or foul. I
can try them all.

Eager footsteps and quick sly grins. I
greet my alter with open arms

Will I be sweet or sour. I care not.
Just that I will be so much
more asleep than I ever am awake

Darkness descending, descending.
A favered friend at the door.

The temperature here dropped to 5 degrees the last few nights so I think we finally got a taste of winter. It has been so strange, only the one week of snow here all year. Three days ago there was a group of seals playing in the small lagoon that forms at high tide in front of my house. Now it is covered in ice. Solid but broken sheets. The sun is shining and calling me to come out and play. But the sun is telling me an untruth. The day would freeze me solid in two min. flat. So I will sip cocca and watch the day. Until night fall.

I had a good time scareing my daughter and her friends by letting them watch the "Ring" last night. I don't think any of them slept well. Oh, the fun a mom can have. LOL

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