Today I feel a little cooped up. Darn sun!

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2003-03-06 @ 6:20 p.m.
Sun and Cold

Today the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue and gold. It looked so inviting outside. I was tempted into sticking my nose out of doors. EEK! I forgot it was about 5 degrees outside. So I made hot cocca and watched as about 5 seals played outside in the little lagoon that forms at high tide. I had tense moment when I thought a killer whale might have followed them in but it was just the way one of them arched out of the water with his flipper upper most. I think a group of fish were in there and the seals were having a gay time of it. I don't think its mating time for them. But they were sure enjoying themselves.

No water again of course but I knew that was going to happen as the temperture started dropping last night and got all the clothes in the house washed. Plus all the people and dishes. Pretty much everything that could be washed got it. It's pitch black outside now and has been for a little while. A cold day again tomorrow.

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