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2003-03-28 @ 12:32 a.m.
Sorting Books

Ah the job that is never done. Boxing up books that have started to overtake my house. They are everywhere. I keep finding ones I didn't know i had. Or forgot I had. Hmmm. might have to read that one again, and maybe that one. Different pile. Maybe they get together, they breed at night when I turn the lights out. Have you ever thought about the private life of your home? Scary thought. Have'nt you ever noticed how you tend to have more things than you thought you did? Now if my books would just get together and breed up the next in line to some of the series I keep waiting for authors to finish. Darn it, can't they write any faster.

I love to read. I would do it all the time instead of MOST of the time if I only HAD more TIME. Now, for a good sci-fi person, there has to be a way to do this. Some way of creating a time warp of some kind. Or maybe I just need a really good mathamatician.

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