Today I Feel In Pain

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2003-04-02 @ 1:16 a.m.
I Dream Of You

Hhhhmmmmm.....I am having a little flare and spent most of the day in bed as I did the day before. I will probable call and make an appointment for shots at the ER tomorrow if I am not any better but I reall hate going to that place. Funny it didn't bother me when I worked there.

Je Reve de toi
I dream Of You

Some one I have never
seen, Face pressed to
my face. Breathe in and
out. Breath for me.

Je reve di toi
I dream of you

Never having met you.
I wish
Step into my dreams
Stand with me
Just to touch my
I smell you

Je reve de toi
I dream of you

The shape of you
follows me
All ways, just
Ahead of me
Around each courner

Je reve de toi
I dream of you

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