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2003-04-02 @ 7:19 p.m.
Sun shine and Seals/ wiccan psalms

Not much to say today. I am coming out of a flare and don't feel like jumping up and down. I am glad I have an extensive web of friends on the "web". LOL It at least keeps me connected with the world. I like looking around at other journals here too. Sundry's and Musefool are really fun. Sundry is always a laugh. You should check her out. I have been looking out the window at the scenery. It is sunny today. The seal is back. Just one today. It is so beautiful outside. It just makes my want to go outside and take a walk along the beach. But it is cold. Really cold. So the sun lies. But soon it will be warmer and I can go outside again and wander wear I will. For now I sip my cocca and watch the seal. I also saw a Heron come to investigate the shoreline. Spring is coming back to Alaska again, I just have to wait it out. The sun looks golden in places in the sky. Blue and gold in the clouds, I could wander there for ever.

Seax-Wiccan Psalm

Ever as I pass through the ways do I feel the presence of the Gods. I know that in aught I do they are with me. They abide in Me and I in them, forever.

No evil shall be entertained, for purity is the dweller sithin me and about me. For good do I strive and for good do I live.
Love unto all things. So be it, forever.
So Mote It Be

from "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" 1986

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