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2003-05-26 @ 1:51 a.m.
A small taste of Hebrew based Numerology

Here is a little bit on numerology for those interested in such things. To find your personal number use the Hebrew Numerological Code to allocate a number to each letter in your name. According to the Hebrew system the vowels in a word are "hidden" and not written down, at they are attributed to the heart and your inner character, wihich is hidden. The consonants represent your outward personality. It is up to you whether to use all the letters of you name, or just the vowels or consonants. 1= A,I,Q,J,Y 2= B,K,R 3= C,G,L,L 4= D,M,T 5= E,H,N 6= U,V,W,X 7= O,Z 8= F,P Putting these into some sort of graph makes them much easier to see.

Add up all the numbers. If the total is over nine keep adding them up until you have just one digit. For example John Smith is 1+7+5+5+3+4+1+4+5=35, 3+3=8 so eight is John Smith's personal number. IF YOUR NUMBER ADDS UP TO 11 OR 22 DO NOT REDUCE IT TO ONE DIGIT, AS THESE NUMBERS REPRESENT A HIGHER LEVEL OF WISDOM, 22 IS THE "MASTER" NUMBER (THERE WERE 22 LETTERS TO THE HEBREW ALPAHBET) AND 11 REPRESENTS THOSE WHO EXPERIENCE REVELATIONS.

1=pioneer, the leader, strong-willed and somtimes-selfcontroled. Also associated with Material wealth, loneliness and isolation.

2=the number of passive, receptive people, kind and sensitive, but who often get their won way by gentle persuasion. It is also linked to psychic powers

3= a potent lucky number, representing extovert, creative and witty people. They may be extravagant and unable to persever at one thing for long

4= dependable, loyal, hard-working people who are good organizers. the guardian angesl, fair in all their dealings, and often pay a high price for any success they achieve.

5= the number of radical, fast-moving people, curious and impulsive who hate to be tied down. Also a number of sex and can lead to problematic relationships

6= the perfect number and represents harmony, beauty, sincerity and affection. Also creative and artistic but they can somtimes be fussy and a little conceited.

7= the magical number representing the scholar and the mystic, the dignified and the self possessed. Also may appear aloof as they have difficulty putting their thoughts into words

8= symbolizes intuition prosperity and organization. Solid strong and fertile. Success is built on hard work which can make them seem pessimistic.

9= is for intellectuals and idealists. It is a number of great strength self-discipline, and ambition. Also may seek the limelight and be jealous or fickle

11= the number of people who are idealists. these people have a strong vocation for their work and often suffer for the sake of others.

22= the master number and incoporates the supreme pualities and attributes of all the other numbers.

There is a start on one idea of Numerology. There are others and it goes much farther than this little scratch in the surface.


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