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2003-05-24 @ 6:24 p.m.
Sister to Hawaii and Poem-Tinker Tailor

Hello from rainy Alaska, Well it was sunny for days but reverted back to type and is raining again. I do live in the S.E. the Rain Forest area of Alaska. I don't know what those poor tourists are thinking. They save all that money for a trip and spend it WET!! We have one of the funniest looking tour boats opperating this year an amphibian tour boat. Huge boat on wheals. Instead of the sids being open so peolpe can look out it is covered over with clear plexiglass with round holes cut in it so the passanger can see out and get wet. I hope they pass out rain gear with those life jackets.

Finally got my sister packed up and moved to Hawaii. She just got her final papers sighned on her divorce and whoosh she was out of here...Actually it took a lot of hard work packing up everything she owned and gettting it ready for the barge. My goodness what a lot of stuff. Her son broke his hand the week before so he wasn't any help. I think he did that on purpose. One daughter is married and in Florida and the other was already staying with friends in Hawaii so it was just my sister and myself. She is going to have to learn how to live on a lot tighter budget now. More on the same plane with mine. (grin). But with trial and error, I am sure she will remember what it is like being poor. I think it is funny that she traded one island for another. Hmmm...not so strange after all. Hawaii is nice and toasty.

Here is a poem in progress... I expect it will transform a little

Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy
I'll Grind your bones
To Bake my Bread
Weaving the Web
I walk Up ON

Grab a shooting Star
Falling Free, that's Me
Little Jack Horner
Sitting in that Corner
Hold on Tight
What a Wild Ride Tonight

Rocked that Rocking Horse
Till it shed its Skin
Up jumped Jill
Stuck out her Tounge and
Cracked Jacks Shins

Greenman, Greenman, I'll follow
for a year and a day
I'm just walking the web
Thats been woven for Me
Tight wire, high wire
I'm falling free
Pick a Shooting Star
Catch me, Catch me
Quick as you Can

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