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2003-06-20 @ 10:26 a.m.
Meditation on the Night Sky

Meditation on the Night Sky


The Egyptian goddesses Isis, Ma�at, and Taueret are used for their symbolism in this poetic meditation on the starry sky.

O hippo mother,
Crocodilian on your back
like a shawl
as you walk across the zodiac.

Belly large,
Teeth like fenceposts,
Horned and hooved
And feared by canid
and Selkit scorpion

Blue in the night sky,
Pillar of the gods,
As Isis rules the day
and Antares,
Satio Isidis,
Rules the night.

O Taueret,
Mother of stars,
Encapsuled of starlight,
Eater of the Pole Star.

Deathless caiman of
obsidian, lapis, dark,
Swallower of souls
that we shoot into the
sky in obsolete iron.
Judged on Ma�at�s feather,
Whether or not
to return.

By: Denise Dumars,

Date: Friday, June 20, 2003 Time: All Day

Summanus - This was the dedication day of the Roman temple honoring Summanus, who was responsible for lightning by night (Jupiter delivered lightning by day). It is unclear whether or not he was an ancient deity or an aspect of Jupiter. His temple was struck by lightning in 197 BC, which was the occasion for irreligious jokes.

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