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2003-06-22 @ 9:38 a.m.
Camping Ramblings and A Herbal Tea

It's not raining today. Yeah!!! Since I live in a "Rain Forest", we do get a lot of rain. Think of Seattle and double the rainy weather.

You can usually tell who is a tourist with out much of a problem, they are the ones wearing rain ponchos and carring umbrellas. I think just about everyone in Ketchikan pretty much takes getting wet for granted. We dress for it. Layers are the key. That way when the rain stops (if) you can peel down a little and get comfy.

I can't wait for just a little warmer weather so I can go camping. We just get in the skiff and jet over to one of the islands that has a good beach and set up camp. The only problem is my age. I don't like getting in that cold water anymore unless it is unusually warm out. My daughter and her friends, being teens still, just jump right in. Last summer they were swimming in a small cove we camp in often, when they noticed a group of dog sharks under their feet. Now dog sharks are usually in the "not dangerous" catagory, But this time they started to circle upward toward the girls. Pretty freaky for them. They climbed into the boat,which they had been using as a diving platform, untill the sharks went back to the bottom and then headed to shore. The sharks had just followed a group of small fish into the cove and were having a good time.

I always find something fun when we go camping. Sometimes it's pretty rocks, flowers, and feathers. I like to just sit on a moss covered log and sketch. Dale gets his guns out and we do some target practice too. He is always looking for a good place to hunt so he will take off hiking. I don't really hike...I wander. (grin)

Here is a herbal tea recipe for some peace of mind and body. It tastes good too.

"My Nerves are SHOT!" Tea

Uses:Sleeplessness and Insomnia,Job-related stress,Panic attacks and the Uncontrollable urge to tie your own children in their beds :)

2 parts Chamomile
1 part Jasmine
1 part Hops
1 part Lavender
1 part Yerba Santa
1 part Gota Kola
1 part St. John's Wort


Place all herbs in a tea ball or bag, put in your nicest or most favorite cup or mug, and cover with boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes.

Remove tea ball or bag, and add sugar, honey, sweetener, milk, cream or whatever, to taste.

Climb into a closet with your mug, and ENJOY! !-:�:-

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