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2003-06-30 @ 11:30 a.m.
Crop Circle ramblings

HI, back again. This time I am up before my daughter and got the computer rights.

I love crop circles. Does anyone else have an opinion on them? Two of the sites with info and pictures I like are "Crop Circle Central" at and "The Crop Circular: crop circles research" at

Some circles are easy fakes and others are unknown. some of the circles are so intricate and beautiful they get my intrest going. I feel artistically challanged to recreate something like them in my art, either silver or beads. So take a look at the pictures and get an idea. Who knows? Well it has given me an odd ball story idea. How about therapists for land that has been visited by alien crop cirlce and those that are frauds (they might feel a different pain) Such fields might take years of therapy and dedication to ever again grow a proper crop. Though those done by frauds might recover quicker, hard to tell. It could be traumatizing-from the circle forming to the crowds gathering and taking pictures, the scientists forming opinions while the crop is there listening. Just tramatic. (Grin)

Does any one else out there have to fight for computer time? Here I am a grown woman and mother backing off and letting my teen rule the computer. She is so lonely this summer. Sigh. All her friends here in town have gone on vacations or moved away and she is bored. The spate of rainy weather we are having isn't helping or she would be out and bicycling or on the beach. Its murder for one of us if a terribly bored teen is trapped for too long in the house. I am soooo glad her art classes start in a little over a week. Yeah!!!!

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