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2003-07-06 @ 11:21 a.m.
Rambling,Kittens, and a poem by Erica Jong

I hope everyone had a good weekend. They can get so hectic here when ever the sun comes out and it did for the last two days. I don't know how much longer it will last but I really love this view when it is. I didn't get a chance to grap the computer once. My son Travis is moving to Seattle in August. He plans on driving his car onto the ferry. As of this moment he doesn't have a license. He's also only driven a couple of times. I have been trying to get him to take more opportunities to do it but... well, if he can't drive he and his room mates can walk onto the ferry and I'll mail him his things. I quess all of it will be a learning experience, and not just for him.

Have you ever read anything by Erica Jong? She's an interesting person. Here is one of her poems.

Goddess, I Come To You

By Erica Jong

My neck wreathed in rosebuds
My head filled with visions of infants
My palms open to your silver nails
My eyes open to your rays of illumination
My vagina and womb gaping
To be filled by your radiance.
O Goddess I would be a worthy vessel.

Impermanence -- all is impermanence.
The cock rises to fall again
The woman fills only to empty
On a convulsion that shakes the world
The poet grows to become a voice
Only to lose that voice when Death takes her.
A stroke cancels her upon the page ---
And yet I open her book
and a chill wind blows from eternity.

Goddess, I come to you
Wreathed in tears, in losses,
in whistling winds
I wrap the Witch's herbs around my neck
To ward off the impermanence
that is our common fate.
The herbs dry and crumble
As my face grows the map of my anxieties.
And my daughter leaps up like a vine,
Twining around the trellis of

O Goddess, teach me to praise loss,
Death and the passing of all things ---
From this flux
I Know your blessings flow.

I do wish I could take a few writeing classes. The collage offers them and every year I swear I will save some money and put it toward school, and every year there is something more important.

With Travis moving out I guess it will be back rent. I don't know how long it will take us to find a new place to live.

Oh, I have five kittens in the bathroom. They are so cute. Starting to play with each other and everything. Finally got each and every one of them to purr. Travis and his room mates are taking two. I wanted to make sure the others were trained for the litter box and weren't afraid of people. I do want them to get adopted. I love kittens. These are all black or black with white paws. The two gray ones are the ones that are going south. They are all fuzzy. I have a funny about how to wash a cat. I'll try and find it, though everyone has probebly read it by now. Well at least cat people.

Oh yeah sunshine. I have to go sit on the porch and drink my coffee and read. The water is a kind of greay/blue today so it might rain later and I want to catch the sun while I can.

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