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2003-07-21 @ 6:20 p.m.

Hmm. sorry let the membership lapse. Forgot all about it. What a scatter brain sometimes.

We had a yard sale this last weekend. I can barely walk. Toooo much lifting. To get it set up anyway. I am still recovering. Wish it was with a bevie of servents to wait on my hand and foot. Ah well, kids will have to do. Made some money though. I think we will do it again next weekend. Well, everything IS still together. A few people I know are bringing over a some new things. I made a little over two hunderd but Dale made out like a bandit. He sold moters and moter parts and one large flatbed truck. Now he can send a new truck up on the barge on memorial day. He gets to go down and vist his parents in Long Beach. I sure wish I was going also. Maybe if I cried and clung to his leg as he is getting on the plane. I really want to go.........get off this rock.........NOW!!!! My silly sister who moved to Hawaii, is moving back. Not to Ketchikan. But to an even smaller town "Sitka". Fishing town. She just couldn't stand Hawaii. Even though it was warm, the beaches are sand and the guys wear very little. Sigh. She could give me a chance. I wouldn't mind a change. Grin

Got to go. My daughter is jumping up and down for the computer. We all slept in and she missed her art classes today. I don't know how the alarm got turned off unless I did it in my sleep. Hmmm. well tomorrow.

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