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2003-08-01 @ 4:51 p.m.
The Celtic Goddess Brighid-More on Lammas


Brighid of the oracles,

Brighid of the twisted hairs,

Brighid, friend to woman,

Brighid of the fire.

Brighid of the fire's fuel,

Brighid of the cloak,

Brighid of the tender hands,

Brighid of the oak.

~Irish Invocation To The Fire Goddess

July 31st is the eve of one of the great fire festivals, one shared with

other Celtic peoples in Britain and on the continent. The midsummer feast of Lammas (originally Lughnassa) celebrated the harvest. It was a time of fairs and athletic contests, of marriages and other ritual unions. On this evening, for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, Celtic people would have been gathering at such ritual sites as the hill of Tara, seeing again old friends and making new ones, sharing stories and food and drink around evening fires as they affirmed their bonds of love and friendship. Clans, gathered from far and wide, would reconnect with each other, measuring the growth of the children and the increasing depth of an elder's wrinkles.

Although such great festivals no longer bind us to friends and family,

we can learn from our forebears that such a connection is necessary to a whole and happy life. Creating rituals of our own that affirm the ties

that sustain us must be an ongoing part of our lives.

By Patricia Monaghan ~ From "The Goddess Companion"

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