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2003-08-21 @ 9:48 a.m.
Blaster Worm Attack

Back again, what a pain. I had a Blaster Worm Attack. Not being very computer savvy, it took me a day (ok, two) to figure out I had a virus. Then staying online long enough to find the simple patch that ended the nightmare. Nightmare a little harsh you say? Well the last time I had a virus on my computer. (last computer, finally died) Anyway, it was one of those that ate all the files ending in ".exe" Not fun. My virus software not being up to date didn't help,and couldn't have in this case. The whole computer had to be scrubbed out. With everything right down to DOS re-installed. I lost everything. Makes me want to run out and buy up some cd's to put my files on. Back-up, Back-up!!! Virus Hackers should have their own little corner of torment somewhere. I really hate the little buggers. I would like to "slice", "dice" and slap them on a slide to be forgotten. But then thats just the old pathology personality talking.

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