Today I feel:: Sleepy, Steph had a sleep over.

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2003-09-13 @ 11:23 a.m.
Gemstones........and Back again, more time

Gemstones for Energy;

Here are some of the stones that you can use to carry with you or in your house.

Agate:: Stabilizing and balancing:: Red agate energizes; blue agate calms

Amber:: Excellent for absorbing negativity of any kind.

Aquamarine:: Soothing, calming, Atlantean

Aventurine:: Healing, eases breathing

Bloodstone:: Detoxifying, healing and strengthening

Carnelian:: Focuses and motivates, confidence and action

Citrine:: Clears thoughts, confidence, communication, decision-making

Coral:: Physical strength and determination

Fluorspar:: Creativity and spiritual awareness

Garnet:: Activates passion and life force

Jade:: Healing, soothing, abundance

Lapis Lazuli:: Spiritual awakening

Malachite:: Calming, wisdom,peace

Rose Quartz:: Love, children, family, creativity

Sugalite:: Inner vision, meditation

Smoky Quartz:: Abundance, wisdom, good choice for house crystal

Tiger's Eye:: Grounding, focusing

Tourmaline:: Grounding, neutralizes negativity, psychic protection, purifying

Turquoise:: Spirit, strength, success, fulfilment, protection (often given to children for protection)

Moonstone:: Feminine, ettereal, love

Pearl:: Love, feminine, moon, water

Sodalite:: Spiritual awakening

Before using always cleanse in salt water or in moonlight. Always put down and walk away from a stone that makes you feel bad when you pick it up. Unless you are pretty good at clearing negative energies it may have picked up.


Back again. Reshifiting family. I feel lost in my own home. Sigh. but thats ok. A part of growging up.

The salmon are running up the streams now. The stream that comes in from the beach and runs behind my house is alive with salmon. All trying to make it. At every low tide the seagulls flock in and begin to feast on the slow and the dead. They are happy and fat. An occasional group of Ravens and acouple of the younger eagles come to visit too. Its pretty busy out there now.

This year the tour boats are staying in town a little longer. We had three in yesterday. They drop off about 1000-2000 people a piece into our little town. It will be nice and quite when they all leave. But right now they are the only things going to keep the small businessmen fat and happy all winter.

Kind of like the salmon....and the seagulls.

My flairs are doing pretty well and I haven't had to go to the hospital for anything. That makes things much better too. It's been hard and I hope for a mild winter and a reprive.

Template server is down at the moment. I am going to hang in there and hope the problem gets solved. Once they come back up you should take a look at their site. They have some very nice layouts. I wish I was not so "challanged" in that area. (grin). By for now!

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