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2003-09-21 @ 12:48 p.m.
Stop the Ringing in my Head-poem of the day.

The Ringing in My Head

I can't keep the phone from ringing.
It's him I know it is. Calling
With all the things he should have said

I wander corridor and hallway,
Still the phone eludes me.
Where is the one that keeps ringing in my head

There is a phone right beside my bed.
Cord curled up beside me, ripped right
Out the wall, coiled nice and neat.
He should have called with all the things he should have said.

Just to stop the ringing in my head.
I wander corridor and hallway, all in shadow,
Have I lost my way?
Still I can't find the phone that rings
Ringing, Ringing in my head

With all those words he should have said.

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