Today the Sun and the Rain took turns. Not a bad way to do it.

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2003-09-22 @ 8:53 p.m.
A new Layout for my site and a Cleansing Spell for your Living Quarters

Well, I am still having some problems with this new template. I really hated to give up my old one from vivalicious but I didn't like logging in to a blank screen. I like the cat in this one. I am a cat person though I like just about all pets. I am just having a few problems with getting all my links to work. You know that breaking in time. The time that would be over in a flash if I actually knew what I was doing. (grin) I promise, I am going to spend some of my time this winter learning html.

One of the problems is that the picture itself won't scroll so I can't add a few of the things I would like too. I am sure I could squeeze them in if I could figure out where to put the code so that it showed up in the right place. More experimentation tomorrow. I know it's not hard, I just don't know how to do it yet. But I will.

Living Quarters Cleansing Spell

To cleanse your new living quarters, light a white candle and your favorite incense, and place them on a tray with a bowl of water and some salt. Start at the front of the house and go from room to room. In each room hold up the candle, and say: �Element of fire, cleanse this room with your energy.� Hold up the incense and say: �Element of air, cleanse this room with your energy.� Sprinkle the water and say: �Element of water, cleanse this room with your energy.�� Sprinkle the salt and say: �Element of earth, cleanse this room with your energy.� Feel the positive energy flowing everywhere. Repeat as often as needed.

author unknown

but its a nice spell to use. I have always liked it.

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