Today I feel tired and I have computer fingers - yuck

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2003-09-23 @ 10:48 p.m.

Almost time for bed. What an exhuasting day. Computer shopping really takes it out of me. I tell you, ebay is an evil, EVIL, place. I started just looking at the possible prices for boots for my daughters christmas present. No good shops in town-hey why not check ebay. Booooottttss!!! Ummm, I even found some she would like. Not just myself. Got in a bidding war for some knee high blood red Doc Martens for her. Lost at the last min. They normally sell for $170.00 and I lost them at $30.00. Wish I had seen them sooner. Maybe I can find another pair later. Found some really strange and wonderful imports from the London goth scene. Skull buckles! I found a pair of old Tony Lama cowboy boots for myself. Love that vintage stuff. Then of course I had to start looking at vintage clothing. My "things to watch" list just kept getting bigger. Scooted on over to backpacks, she wants a new one of those too. Spent some time there and got sidetracked by backpack purses. That took me to purses in general. Found a great Harley Davidson license plate purse. (didn't bid) but it looked really cool. Wish she liked that sort of thing. Then to jeans to see what they had in her size and if there were any big bells. Checked out Hot Topic stuff (she is a teen). That was fun. On to harem pants, choli tops and saris. Ok, I bid on one more thing for myself. A great pair of Salwar harem pants with little bells on the sides. Enough already. I am never going to pay next months bills. I will have to wrap it up and give it to myself. - I do have a birthday in October..........hmmmmm!

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