I'm Late, I'm Late

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2003-10-08 @ 7:59 p.m.

Today was one of those days were there just wasn't enough time. Not that I did any thing. I guess thats the problem. Nothing got done. I slept in after my daughter went to school, got up and played on the internet (managed to lvl my character once-see-nothing worthwile,just gameing) and went "holy shit" where did the time go?! Those games can really take longer than you think. As I grabbed things and scooted out the door. I had to pick up Stephanie at her school for a doctors appointment. Of course I was late but expected her to be waiting. She wasn't so I went to her appointment were she was. She had gotten a ride and was waiting there. Well, I wish she had waited at school but I'm glad she was at the doctors. Saved time looking for her. So we came home and I got caught up on her day. Not bad. I like it that she still talks to me. She is with her boyfriend at a birthday dinner and will be back soon. So I have some time on the comp to get caught up.

I was going to work a rent thing with my sister while her boyfriend is out diving for sea cucumbers. But now her youngest daughter is coming into town to stay and I don't think it would work out. I just don't know how to tell Tracy I can't really get along with the daughter in question. Long story. But no matter how annoying or rude or etc. a child is, a mom is always a mom. Please Goddess, keep Stephanie from turning out like that. The girl does need help though. Maybe I can get Tracy to rent an apartment for awhile. (sigh) It makes me feel like a heel. Stay tuned for developements.

Travis finally emailed me. Their phone was cut off. (duh, you have to pay for the phone dude!) I do miss him. But it sounds like they are doing ok for now. I do hope they get to come up for yule/christmas. This is a dull entry.

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