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2003-10-31 @ 3:17 a.m.
Happy Halloween Everyone

Happy Halloween everyone. I love this holiday. I am so sorry my daughter is too old to trick or treat this year. I did have to make her costume and one for her boyfriend as well. They turned out pretty well.(pat on the back)I just have to find the film I bought so I can get a picture of them.

My boyfriend, Dale, and I are going to the movies. Dressed up of course. I'm going as a witch. (grin). It will be fun. Stephanie is having a small sleepover and scary movies. They can also scare themselves with the fortune telling board, I forget how to spell it.

I have to wait till midnight and then I am going to do an ancester ritual and take a look at the cards for the coming year. I sure hope its good luck. I could use sone. Can't everyon?

Anyway for a good ancester ritual go to:

This is written by Selena Fox. She has a great deal of knowledge and her site can give you a taste of it.

Also for the fun of it you can go here:

and vote on weather or not you think Halloween is satanic. What a laugh. But kind of depressing. Yesterday we were winning by a very slim margin. Satan never did have anything to do with Halloween. Get real people. Argh!!!

Ok, goodnight/morning. I have to catch some sleep before I have to get Stephanie up for school. And I foolishly said I would give her and Derick a ride to school. They must have gotten to me in a vunerable momment. Kids are tricky. I know, I used to be one. HEHE! Cackle, cackle.

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