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2003-11-06 @ 11:50 a.m.
Halloween Decompression

Wow, I had to decompress for a few days. I think I did nothing but sew costumes all of October. Did a great number on my hands, neck, and back. Of course going out Halloween night put me down for a few days but it was all worth it. It goes by so fast. All that prep and then poof its done. But done well. LOL Stephanie had offered my sewing to some of her friends. So I made 4 costumes from scratch and revamped my own. Nice to know I can still sew. Might have to try something besides costumes. Just that costumes are so much more fun and look better too. Kids costumes were much easier when they were small. I did a tavern wench with bodice- the whole shabang. A punk/goth vamp and two anime vampires from the series "Helsing" Those two costumes took some thought. I had to buy costume instructions that were close and then work a little magic on them. My daughtet was the girl anime vamp. In grey. Short, short skirt (I made her wear really black tights LOL) and had to be anime tight in all the right places. Boy those chicks never have a problem with gravity. The other one was more in line with what I would consider an Australian Drivers coat. Or maybe an Edwardian Drivers coat. In red. They did turn out nice though I had my doubts during assembly and reassembly. I hate ripping out seams. Yuck.

For myself I just redid the spangles on a black guaze skirt I have and brushed off my purple and black lace pointy hat. Dale and I went out to breakfast in costume. Then the weather was so nice I sent him hunting. We could really do with a dear this year. I didn't have time to throw him any help. Next time he gets a great big hunting mojo bag. LOL

Stephanie had some of the girls over for scary movies, tarot, and gossip so I watched a movie with them and then with the developed mom sense I have. (mom, we want to gossip now...Please..) I left them to themselves and did a few little of the Samhain things I needed to do. Worked out well. And fun was had by all.

I hope everyone had a great time. Now if my Fibro will just go. I promise to be good until Yule. ...... Really!

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