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2003-12-28 @ 9:11 p.m.
Thank Goodness Thats Over

Well, Yule and Christmas are safely over. Yule was great. Nice and peaceful. I made my son and his girlfriend a pentagram wall hanging that they can hang in their new apartment. They begin the searching process when they get back home tomorrow. They are hopeing for something closer to school. Everyone had a nice evening. Even though the rain was coming down so hard that we had to put the bonfire on hold. (grin) There is always next year. Christmas eve was spent with my sister and her boyfriend. Kind of anyway. Talk about an advanced noise level. Remind me to make an excuse (that has some truth to it so I won't get any karmic fall out) so I won't have to have them over. I know that sounds bad of me but I swear my sisters boyfriend was so high he was floating. Not a good time. Everyone loved opening presents in the morning. I caught my daughter trying for a sneak peak at about 2am. So I got my son who was on the computer to watch over the presents. Calling on his "big brotherness". They had some good bonding time and even put together the gingerbread house that had been laying around in pieces. It looked great. I don't know what the purpose is of a gingerbread house. Besides the one in the stories where little children go and get eaten. But this one looked good. How long does one have to keep them anyway? Really, I'm curious, I don't want my daughter to get upset if I just throw it away soon. So maybe if I ask her first, in about a week. Oh, the big present my daughter couldn't sleep over, it was a TV, not one I could even afford but I've been saving for it. She loved it. Now she can play nintendo or fall asleep to a movie any time she wants. Hmm....I'll probebly never see her again. We'll see I guess.

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