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2003-12-30 @ 1:31 a.m.
Mothers, Daughters and Grandaughters

I miss my mother most on those occasions that family traditionally gets together. For us it was Halloween and Christmas. She kept us together, alway interested (and with opinions-grin). She loved the grandchildren and doted on them really. I miss sitting down at the kitchen table with my sister and mother and having a coffee klatch. Good gossip and advice over good coffee served with love. I will admit in looking back that I was far from a model daughter. And didn't get caught in a number of hair brained and dangerous schemes. (they were fun though...sometimes I marval that I lived.-snicker) any way she was a truly interesting person. I found myself looking in the mirror waiting to see if I was turning into my mother. This is the poem that came out of that. You have to know that they share birth months and signs only 10 days apart. Here goes:

Yesterday I was momentarily startled as my mother looked at me from out my daughters eyes.

She sets her chin in pre-addelesent funk with a stubernenss I know.

I sigh and shake my head, sparing a thought "heaven ward"

Mother--Stop It!!!

Here all along I thought I was supposed to turn into my mother.

Looking into the mirror as I age Waiting for the SIGNS!

Insted she slipped(she was always a sneaky practical joker), slipped into my daughter while I was wathcing MYSELF!

She slipped into my daughter and left me make my way myself...a seperate being.

To make my way as MYSELF only and watch my daught grow into the woman she can become. Maybe I can watch some of my mother growing too.

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