Today was another day of Horizontal Rain but no freezing

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2004-01-18 @ 11:33 p.m.
The Poem "Down to the Floor"

I wrote this in a funk when I was laid up and unable to be the wild thing I had always been. So sad. LOL We all make acomidations with our lives. I still do it day by day. Some are better than others. My guy loves the ones that have more of the "old" me in them. Poor guy, he stays with me just the same. I love him. ```````````````````````````````````

I want to be the top.To straddle my Man Using all my Pain to Grind myself.The pole from top to bottom.

My breast, my core of Heat down and through Him. To grind and writhe and turn him inside out.

Riding him to the floor. Shake him and leave him sweating as....I! I! I! Walk Away!!

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