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2004-02-17 @ 2:14 p.m.
Cars and Children to find out your "Wizard Soul"

Well, I had my first and I hope last car wreck. And yes, my car is wrecked. !!Sigh!! I have no ride for a while. I have no money to fix my car. I don't think a money spell is going to bring in enough floaty cash to get it fixed very quickly. Usually slow and steady. This is one of those times it might not be bad to be living in town. At least I could take the buss or walk. But 15 miles out of town makes it a little hard. All the legal stuff that goes with this is hard on me too. I really don't like the added stress and unsureness. Then no one does. It will sort itself out. It always manages to do that. Somehow. Of course my teenager has noticed that I lack anyway to come and get her if she doesn't come home like she is supposed to. This part of things could get ugly. Remind me, now, why did I have kids? Cute, cuddly, oops, oh, yeah right. She's fourteen so it's not the easiest age but she isn't stupid. That actually complicates things at times. The age and the IQ. If I don't kill her we will both live through it. Boys seem so much easier. Really, at least mine did. Of course it could be the classical music I listened to with my son and the heavy metal I listed to with my daughter. He writes and she paints. He is charming and quick to smile, she has a beautiful smile if you can catch it but it has to be looked for. He is an optimist she is a pessimist. Light and dark. They seemed to get along pretty well. He left for college this last August and she wasn't to happy about that. We have been sorting ourselves out a little since then.

Back to the car. I am wondering if it has bad dreams at night and if it will feel better when it finally gets fixed?

I know I do.

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