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2004-03-01 @ 9:32 a.m.
March Goddesses

March Goddesses Are Ceres & Isis

Date: Monday, March 1, 2004

Time: All Day


Birthstones: Bloodstone and aquamarine: signifying courage and optimism.

Who on this world of ours their eyes

In March first o´┐Żen shall be wise,

In days of peril, firm and brave,

And wear a Bloodstone to their grave.

(Trad: birthstone rhyme )

When March comes in like a lion, the traditional English saying has it, it will go out like a lamb. March (in England) is the stormy month. Wearing of the leek on March 1st~~~~Some say it recalls a victory over the Saxons. The Welshmen, put leeks in their hats to tell themselves apart from their enemy. Another argument is that leeks were a druidic symbol in honour of the British god Ceudven or Ceres. The folklorist William Hone maintained that the Druids had sacral connections with the Phoenician priesthood; both worshipped oaks and leeks were exhibited in funeral rites of Adonis at Byblos. Leeks were worshipped at Ascalon (from which comes the alternative term of scallions) as they were in Egypt. Leeks and onions were deposited in the sacred chests of the mysteries both of Isis & Ceres.

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