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2004-07-27 @ 4:08 p.m.
A Long July

This has been a very hectic month. Everything has been rushed. My son moved back home and brought his girlfriend with him. Not a problem really. It helps with the rent. But the crowding is interesting and will take some getting use to. My daughter is not takeing it as well as I could have hoped. But she will adjust. It is just having another woman in the house that is throwing her off. Adjustments, adjusstments. I do like her though. Her name is Marna. Taller than my short little self, with long dark hair and a personality that alternates between light and dark just like everyone else. She is good for my son. He always thought that becouse of his handicap no one would ever love him. And for her care of him alone I would welcome her. She has given him a real sense of himself and a motive for living. Getting himself moving through life instead of just sitting and letting it move around him. I was kind of worried about that after highschool. All his friends left for college or the millitary and he just didn't seem to want to do anything with himself. So even though their trip to Seattle ended with them coming home to go to college instead of staying there and going to school at least he is thinking of a future and making plans. I like that A LOT!! So now it is just getting everyone used to living together. We are just settling in. And in the middle of this my sister had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. She ended up being sent to a hospital in Juneau for a nice rest and therapy. Something she can't get here in Ketchikan. I hope they can put her back together again. It pretty messy. (shudder).

My daughter, Stephanie, is flying to Seattle tomorrow to meet her father. She is spending 10 days with him. I really hope she doesn't scare the daylights out of him. He has a hard time understanding the fact that she is dateing. She's 15. He thinks she's to young and I shouldn't have let her go out. Sheesh!! Try to stop the tide from comeing in!! That is one determined girl. She is one of the most stuborn people I have ever met. She is also way too smart for her age. So I give in on some things so I can say 'no' on others. Anyway, I cautioned her to be kind to him and not to scare him. It doesn't help that she looks 18 without any make-up to help. (that gets a 'shudder' too) They are going to an SCA war. He is a Knight. This meant making her 5 11th century dresses. What a lot of fabric. It's been forever since I did that much sewing. At least I still had some of the old patterns I used when I was still in the SCA. I do miss it. I wish I was going to. I still have my costumes....I don't fit them anymore..LOL..but I do have them. Any one want a few good corsets and skirts? I do so love a man in armor.(sigh)

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