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2004-07-01 @ 5:32 p.m.
Moon Magic

Soory, I had to take a break for awhile hope I am back to stay now. Here is some good moon info for those who find comfort in moon magic and all phases of the Lady.

Moon Charm Take a piece of moonstone and go outside or place it where it can absorb the rays of the ful moon or newly eclipsed moon. Offer the stone to the moon and chant:
'Glowing Orb of magic power
Add vital energy hour by hour
To this stone with rays of moon
Give your power, grant this boon,
And when the light of moon comes through,
And with your strength this stone imbued,
It shall come back home to me
To impart your powerful energy.'
(at this point focus on what you would like the stone charged with) Leave the stone to absorb the energy of the moon, but don't retrieve it until daybrea(this gives the energy time to 'settle' in the stone). Carry the moonstone with you. The Full Moon is the climax of the Moon cycle (about 14 days after the New Moon). We can see in full light where we are at in manifesting dreams and projects. At the New Moon if we chose what represents our highest good, we now experience fullness and success. If we chose what's not a reflection of our true path, problems arise now suggesting to let go of what is not ours. Let's integrate the lessons and grow from the experience. Eclipses intensify the effect of New and Full Moons, creating a deeper experience where fate often manifests

New Moon: June 17th, 2004, at 1:25 pm Full Moon: July 2nd, 2004, at 4:09 am New Moon: July 17th, 2004, at 4:24 am Full Moon: July 31st, 2004, at 11:05 am New Moon: August 16th, 2004, at 6:23 pm Full Moon: August 29th, 2004, at 7:21 pm New Moon: September 14th, 2004, at 7:28 am Full Moon: September 28th, 2004, at 6:09 am New Moon: October 13th, 2004, at 7:48 pm (eclipse/Sun) Full Moon: October 27th, 2004, at 8:06 pm (eclipse/Moon) New Moon: November 12th, 2004, at 6:27 am Full Moon: November 26th, 2004, at 12:06 pm New Moon: December 11th, 2004, at 5:29 pm Full Moon: December 26th, 2004, at 7:06 am New Moon: January 10th, 2005, at 4:02 am Full Moon: January 25th, 2005, at 2:31 am New Moon: February 8th, 2005, at 2:27 pm Full Moon: February 23rd, 2005, at 8:54 pm New Moon: March 10th, 2005, at 1:10 am Full Moon: March 25th, 2005, at 12:57 pm New Moon: April 8th, 2005, at 1:32 pm (eclipse/Sun) Full Moon: April 24th, 2005, at 3:07 am (eclipse/Moon) New Moon: May 8th, 2005, at 1:46 am Full Moon: May 23rd, 2005, at 1:18 pm New Moon: June 6th, 2005, at 2:54 pm Full Moon: June 21st, 2005, at 9:13 pm New Moon: July 6th, 2005, at 5:02 am Full Moon: July 21st, 2005, at 4:00 am New Moon: August 4th, 2005, at 8:04 pm Full Moon: August 19th, 2005, at 10:52 am New Moon: September 3rd, 2005, at 11:44 am Full Moon: September 18th, 2005, at 7:01 pm New Moon: October 3rd, 2005, at 3:28 am (eclipse/Sun) Full Moon: October 17th, 2005, at 5:12 am (eclipse/Moon) New Moon: November 1st, 2005, at 5:23 pm Full Moon: November 15th, 2005, at 4:57 pm New Moon: December 1st, 2005, at 7:00 am Full Moon: December 15th, 2005, at 8:15 am

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