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2003-01-23 @ 12:29 p.m.
-Witchy Days

The day does not inspire.....well, maybe I'll answer a few questions instead.

Witchy-since I was about 13. The honey isn't for sweetner. It really has antibiotical qualities. I rarely use any sweetner in tea but the crushed rasberries you mentioned sound good. I love rasberry teas. I'll have to try that. No, this time of year is devoted to coughs and colds, the flu. Kitchen witchery. Reading the cards for friends. Sometimes long distance for friends I know well. My sister knows how but gets too clouded by emotion so if she wants an answer she comes. we light some candles ask for some answers and read. If she knows she shouldn't be doing it she won't come and I'll read them for her anyway. (what are big sisters for anyway except to butt in). I belive in Karma and Karmic debt. I will put it upon myself if I feel the situation warrents it. So, that makes me some one that sees in shades of gray not in just black and white.

In the summer I make my candles for the coming year. The kids help. Plus their friends. Not just for working but for when the electricity goes out and we need those candles. I like makeing them and it gives bored kids something to do. They get to add shells, rocks, floweres etc. A candle made by your own hand holds more power when you might need it fast.

Back to rasberries. Around here it's easier to find blueberries. You just have to watch for competeing bears. *g* We go blueberry gathering about the same time the bears are trying to eat everything they can find to fatten up for winter. I just don't want to be on the platter. There is one creek where the rocks aren't too slippery. If you get there before the fish get too rotten you can pick them up with a net. Otherwise it's out with the skiff and troll like mad to catch a KING. Then the canning or the cookhouse to make smoked salmon. If this island was ever cut off from the tugs that bring us supplies like red meat and flour and milk and oh so many other things.... the two cows that live here would have to be guarded by really big guys with really big guns. I get I get really tired of salmon. Unless its smoked and we've eaten all of that already. Now I want red meat. I don't think I will ever be a vegitarian. Hmmm...rambling.

The fog is rolling in over the water. I means snow or rain tonight. I must call my father. He lives on another island. To far to take a skiff to. It's very much like being in the hand of nature to watch a fog bank roll into land. One long strip of it that looks solid until a small boat will come gunning out of it. Or a small plane will rise above it trying to beat it back to town.

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