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2003-01-22 @ 8:50 p.m.
Looking at templates and thoughts on Rain

Ok, I have been trying to teach myself some HTML. enough so I don't fritz the whole bugger up when I try to use one of these really jamming free templates so many talanted (young) programmers have made available. It should be so easy. I will probably botch the damn thing. Good thing my kids don't know about this blasted page.

On a lighter note I did get the water running. A feat in itself. Hmmm........why live where the conditions are so harsh so often? It is so beautiful here. It was so cold when I let my daughter out for her dash to the bus. It looked like midnight out still. But the sun (when he rose) was giving the water a steely blue look and the light was gold.

Just wait it will rain, and I will rethink the whole thing again. We are on the coast. Warmer with resulting RAIN. and more, what was that, RAIN, and if it isn't at this time of year it is freezing rain or snow so pretty much RAIN. Its supposed to be good for the skin though. Keeps us all plumped up.

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