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2003-01-20 @ 1:28 p.m.
Someone Elses Life

Ever have one of those days where you are just too tired to move? Well, I feel like stretching out with my cat on the floor. She looks like a comfortable catpancake. I have Fibromyalgia so it is probably just a feeling of exhaustion brought on by too much shopping yesterday. Never shop with a 13yr old girl they flit around so fast the eye can't find them long enough to actually say "we are leaving now" but you know they have been there because there are so many new and unusual things in your cart. Like gel filled bras. Guaranteed to feel like the reel thing. "I don't think so!!!". Back it goes and I spend a few min being a bad mom and then it's ok again.

She is 13 going on 23(at times-at others just a little girl). She Belly Dances, I taught her some of that and then got her lessons. It's always more fun to learn in a class and I can't teach anymore. She also Fences and is pretty good at that. She fishes and hunts. She is a pretty good shot. We live on an island in Alaska so you kind of have to be an outdoors type.

Today she wanted to stay at home and assert her stand for her black heritage. All 1/100th of it.(I think she didn't finish her homework???) We are true Americans from the melting pot. Mostly French,Black(from France also), Native American (about 1/16th), then a little English and Irish. Then she has Danish from her father. So no, she went to school.

Time for Bad Poetry

Someone Else

I live almost in someone elses life.
Their doors open and shut, I hear
the phone ringing but not for me.
Phantom cars drive up to my door and I know
Someone else is having visitors that
I can not see.
Footsteps sound across my kitchen floor leaving
The Smell of coffee on the air
some mornings. I wonder if someone else ever catches a glipse of their own faces
Staring out the windows listening to the
phantom noises from
someone elses life.
Waiting to see if someone
Opens the door.

Frances Martin

Jan 2002

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