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2003-01-21 @ 3:26 p.m.
Necklace talking back

I have become addicted to an online game called AC or Asherons Call. Some of the players I have met there have diarys here. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts. I like playing online. You step into a different world and meet other people, pick a persona and kill a few monsters. A very satisfying way to shake off the everyday blues for awhile. My kids play as well. My daughter a little less now that she has found boys. Real boys. Oh MY. Hmmm. Where did my rope go?! Oh well, I just have to keep tabs on her.

My son will be home less when his hand controls come in. Right now he is at his classes, college.

My boyfriend is working, my girlfriends are working and that necklace I was working on was about to get its self unstrung for saying rude things to me. So I had to leave it alone. My sister is even takeing classes at the college. I really get tired of staying home. Sigh. So I make jewelry for summer tourists, write poetry for mags and surf. Well I clean and cook and do the rest but thats after the kids get home.

Hmm It might be time to dip into that other world and kill a few monsters. I usually hunt alone. I like the fact that if I get into trouble the people I have met are always there to lend a hand. See ya. No bad Poetry to suffer through today.

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