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2003-01-21 @ 4:53 p.m.
Stop reading my mind mom

Last week was the full moon. Stephanie was looking out her side window trying to see the moon and asked "Is the Full Moon close mom?" I replied "Yes, It's tonight. Would you like some help on an attraction spell"........"MOM, stop that-how did you know that is what I was going to do?"...me"ummm,I'm your mother and I'm a witch isn't that enough? If you don't want my help, just remember NOT to put in the persons name and not to even think about him. Just ask for some one who is attracted to you that you can like."...."Sheesh mom, I know all that, just stop reading my mind." man I love it. How much mind reading does it take. Shes 13, been dumped by her first crush and talked about two different guys for a whole week now. Moms have lots of powers. LOL

I'm back, no one is home. So bad poem today anyway. This one is called "Watching Stephanie Fence"

Hurry Mother, Hurry we'll be late for class.
I see Laughing eyes, full of anticipation
barely hidden miscief as if she know all the good jokes

I see her shake herself into someone/something
with a feline core of grace
the start of a quiet deadliness.
All quicksilver beauty
The same thing I saw in her father.

I see determination as she quickly sizes up a bigger opponent
Forcing a hand that wants to choke, into a looser grip
She salutes and puts on her helmet

I see her father
reborn in her lightning feet.
The easy way she moves
forward and back along the strip
Making it look like a dance with blades...
All in Silence They Fly Up and Down, a give and take
I send her father pictures but they are
static and she is not.
He will always miss this
dance and the end.

She takes off her helmet. Salutes her opponent and foe/friend/rivel/fellow dancer.
And at last she brings her glowing face and shining eyes back to me.

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