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2003-01-22 @ 7:46 a.m.
winter woes and Golden Curl

The weather finally froze the water comeing up from the creek so we will be with out running water until a thaw. Hmmmm. It's Alaska, in the winter,.........spring......... thats a good time for a thaw. Darn. it I let the clothes build up and now no water. I hate hauling things into town and spending good money to wash clothes I could do at home IF I HAD WATER.

It is this time of year I seriously think of moving into town. The wind change last night should have told me to wash a load. The temp dropped in the house a good few deggrees. I had Travis my son turn the furnace up and I sit here now covered in blankets with cold legs, refusing to turn it up any more. Oil just is too dear. The wind switched and came out of the north and right into my little house, usually snugged by the trees. The north view is the one to the beach. It has some beautiful sunsets. Unfortuantly, the wind from the north is the freezing on this time of year, made me think of howling wolves, The branches of the trees scritched and scratched at the roof of the house wanting in. I love the wind. I always have candles waiting for the failing electricity. My daughter, Stephanie slept with me last night for warmth, her upstairs bedroom has no heat but what ever comes up through the floor. So we were snug and watched "Harry Potter" on my TV. Very warm (when I should have been doing clothing, tsk tsk-woman!) Well, it will warm up enough to snow. We live at the gateway to the north and it never stays too cold for long. It is probebly colder in the middle of the US than it is here.

I did a small spell warding the house and cars and this morning the only trees to drop limbs did so in the lane leading to the house. So maybe it workded and maybe it was nature. So far this year I haven't had one hit anything I own.

I have to stock up on herbs for colds and coughs, honey was one of the first ever used. The ancient egyptions used honey. No, no lessons here today. Just a note to myself.

Bad Poem of the Day "Golden Curl"

There is a golden curl: That wraps it's self around my finger. All by its self: Just So

I'm not sure if she would notice if I took it: While she was sleeping

This summer she glows: She makes it within herself every night: While she sleeps.

The sun Flows off her: Pooling around her feet everymorning as she steps off the porch: and into her day.

My fingers keep finding themselves entwinded, trapped in her curls: As she sleeps with her head:

On my lap, sharing space: with a cat. They both smile: in their sleep.

Sometimes, I think I would like to keep her here, like this, always. Safe on my lap.

Life moves on and she will wake soon. The phone in one ear, a magazine, book or sketchpad held with her free hand.

So if I want that: tease of a curl. I had better be quick. And blame it on the cat.

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