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2003-01-28 @ 1:41 p.m.
Grade day for Stephanie

When your daughter says "if my grades come in the mail, don't open them until you get home" as you are leaving for town and the mail box. You know you are going to open them. And really, she should know so too. What an phrase to galvanize the opening of the mail before the car even gets out of the parking lot. Silly girl. She really seamed to think I should have waited. So from the begginning of school and the honor roll she has dropped to having 2 A's, 2 C's 2 D's and a D+. I wonder if discovering boys, getting a boyfriend and having him drop you because you had a mind of your own (New Years Eve no less) could have helped in this mess. And yes, I was less than attentive to the grades. I guess I felt that she had all A's, it couldn't get too bad. Wrong. I forgot what it's like to be that young/old. Of course art is an A, her art teacher has even gotten an ok to have her in art the rest of the year. Means she gets out of the dreaded P.E. class. Which was one of her C's. I hated P.E. so I can't blame her too much there. It's just strange. She is pretty active. Just not in a team sport sort of way. She Belly Dances and Fences, hunts(when the season is right) and fishes. When I was her age we lived in a logging camp and I road motorcycles, had a skiff, fished and hiked. In the summers or when ever my mother decided to start shooting the dishes. We went south to visit her parents. Then I road motorcycles, horses and hiked. *g* I did a lot of things on my own. I sketched and read a lot of books. I liked my own company. Steph seems to need people a lot more than I ever did. She and my mother would have gotten along famously. I wish they could have really know each other. My mother died of breast cancer when Stephanie was just under 3 years old. She was all palest gold curls in those days.

Well, she does get some grounding. The grades can't be changed so I can't ground her till they come up or I would. So I have to figure out the proper punishments and have them ready when she comes home from school today. I'm sure they will not be as bad as thinking about them all day.*G* One thing will be the computer of course and the phone will have to be drastically cut back. I am sure it will be like cutting her throat but.....there it is EVIL MOM strikes. I have to think up a few other things too. I think they have a Math lab one day a week after school so that might be in there.

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