Finally Sleepy

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2003-01-29 @ 12:14 a.m.
Awake in the middle of the night

I can't sleep. My legs ache so I got up to grab a cup of chamomile tea with a little mugwart, lemon balm,valerian. I usually mix my own teas. It really is cheaper. Take a look at the price per pound of your favorite tea the next time you are in the store if you don't beleive me. Anyway it should put me out and make me have a nice sleep.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz well before that I found a very nice online store.(surf,surf) I usually use but this one looks promising too. I have to order everything, being on an island does have its drawbacks. I can't just drive over to the next town and browse for the latest jewelry supplies or herbs etc. It all has to be thought out and ordered. So here is the new one I found

They look promising anyway. I'll have to see about service and goods. But I love to get things in the mail. *G* Well other than bills that is.

Hmmm.... the tea is starting to work and I have to get Stephanie up at 5:30am. We are not morning people. Which is too bad, by the time we are both awake, she is going out the door and i am going over the conversational grunts to make sure I told her I loved her. Never send them off without saying "I love you". You never know what life is going to hand you and you must keep as many of your life threads clear as you can. I shall write a better entry tomorrow when I am really able to concentrate. But please don't feel short changed. I enjoyed writing and letting the tea make me sleepier and sleepier.

Good Night/Morning

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