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2003-02-13 @ 2:00a.m.
Up too late-the writing bug

I feel compelled to write even though I have no news of any import to anyone and no "big thoughts". What is the strange compulsion that even prompts me (and countless others) to place their journals on the web. You know I'm not the only one, this place is really crowded. You can find almost everything and any type of writing. So the the chances are slim that my diary will ever get seen. Kind of a good thought in a way. A sending into the void. Almost private. But there is always the weighing of words, how much to say about yourself and what you REALLY think.

I have always used journals as a way of coping with the trials of life. It has always helped to keep me balanced enough to greet each new day and what it might bring with some peace and humor surrounding me. Keeps me smiling and calm and as a single mother-well, that is a plus. Works most of the time *G*.

When all about you is falling apart, you had better be able to grab it and hot glue the pieces back in place. Really, there is no other choice. My demons get excersized (mostly anyway) in my poetry, stories, and my journals.

May the Goddess give me the strength to carry on.

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